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You’re not looking for just any software consulting company. You’re looking for the one that will help you create and deliver your idea to market, on time, at or under budget and make the entire project feel effortless. You want a team of technologists who can come in and coach your engineers through the process, so everyone knows exactly what’s going on at all times and is on the same page. You’re looking for collaborators, not just staff augmentation. You want software consultants who have your best interests in mind and are as dedicated to making your project happen as you are. At Hydrate, that’s what we do. We’re more than your average software consulting firm. We’re the technology equivalent of a life coach. We’ll guide you and your team through every step of your project and collaborate with you to make your project a success.

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We are full-process consultants.

We absolutely write code, but we recognize that is about 20% of the job in many cases, especially if you do the job right. We look at your entire pipeline and streamline it so you’re getting the best product to your end-users.

Our primary work is in:
ReactJS   |   NodeJS   |   Apollo   |   GraphQL   |   Docker   |   Kubernetes   |   Kafka

IT Solutions

When you work with Hydrate, you get the best software consultants available. Our team is made up of top-tier technologists who understand how to make a project work as well as how to write the code. Our team comes in and works with you to create a full vision of your project. We’ll figure out where the latest technologies need to be applied and how they’ll be most effective. We’ll find the best solutions for every step of your project, even if they’re not always technology related. We will discuss your needs and how we’ll work together, so you get the quality support, assistance and value you expect of a top-tier software consulting firm.

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Strategy & Planning

A well-executed project starts with a well-thought out plan. You have the idea and the result you want to see. We work with you to map out the plan that will deliver that result. Together, we’ll find the best road forward to bring your project to fruition. Our collaboration with you runs from initial ideation to how to bring your product to market. We’ll start with you at the beginning of the process and help you adapt to changes or overcome obstacles. Or we can come into a project that is floundering and get it back on track. Either way, you’ll have a team dedicated to making your goals into reality.

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